Historical obtaining of a large international multicenter project

I have been awarded the NIH / NIR R01 project “US-South American Initiative for Genetic-Neural-Behavioral Interactions in Human Neurodegenerative Research”, for 5 years with funding of more than 2.5 million dollars. This project will evaluate for the first time the impact of the genetic and social / economic risk of patients with dementia (from the USA and South America) and its effect on neurocognition, through multiple disciplines and data science. Dr Ibáñez will lead this project that involves various leaders from the USA (California San Francisco University, UCSF; and the Global Brain Health Institute, GBHI: Bruce Miller, Victor Valcour, Jennifer Yokoyama, Kate Possin, Kenneth Kosik), Brazil (Ricardo Nitrini & Leonel Takada), Colombia (Francisco Lopera & Diana Matallana), Peru (Nilton Custodio), and Argentina (INCYT-INECO team). Various centers in the world will also collaborate (CSCN of the Adolfo Ibáñez University, Chile; and of the USA: University of California Santa Barbara, Hudson Alpha, UCLA). It is also expected to extend this project to other countries in the region with the GBHI, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Tau Consortium. This is a historic achievement, which will allow for an unprecedented South American research in neurodegenerative diseases for 5 years.

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