BrainLat UAI: researching brain health internationally

Through the School of Psychology, a UAI begins the consolidation of a critical body of researchers devoted to brain health for the future institute: BrainLat, which aims to train a new generation of leaders in brain health to overcome disciplinary boundaries and forge innovative approaches to promote collaborative research and reduce the regional impact of dementia.

To fully consolidate and fruitfully expand in the post-pandemic world, BrainLat must develop a strong commitment to integrating groups that still work in isolation, promoting collaborations with the United States, Europe, and Latin America in a manner that is equitable to local needs but from a global perspective, “We will focus on key challenges, such as cultural and communication differences, addressing under-represented populations, and promoting emerging leaders,” explains Agustín Ibáñez, current researcher at the Center for Social and Cognitive Neuroscience UAI and Director of BrainLat.

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